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Practicing Architecture alone can be tough!

Whether you are starting a Sole Practice, thinking of starting a sole practice, or have established a sole practice, the benefits of a community workshop are intangible! 

Through this community you will learn what works and what doesn’t as it applies to your Sole Practice!  You will get unique coaching and advice with weekly feedback you can apply.  Consider your peers the business partners you never had!

By joining the SPA WORKSHOP, you will work through the pertinent topics of the SPA book with the author, Edward J. Shannon, AIA and a group of peers.  This 9 week course covers: 

  • Start-Up Tools

  • Business Plans

  • Practice Types

  • Finding Balance

  • Marketing 

  • Contract Agreements

  • Fee Methods


Upon completion of the 3 workshop modules you will have:

  • your unique Business/Financial Plan

  • a Weekly Schedule that works for you

  • Framework to develop an An Architect/Owner Agreement  

Groups are typically 4 to 8 members.


 Please See the Work Shop Modules Tab to learn more , or contact the author at to if you have more questions.

There are currently no workshops offered.

We plan to offer workshops in Winter and Spring of 2024

Contact Edward J. Shannon, AIA for more info
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